We believe in clean energy – not just for the environmental and social benefits, but for its long-term economic viability. We are dedicated to providing the best clean energy products to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, and organizations who are searching for ways to extend their commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

America’s Choice Contractor  was born from this innovative spirit. The products we offer generate clean energy and/or reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. At Americas Choice Contractor we believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three capitals that comprise the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – Social, Environmental, and Economic. We have worked diligently over the past decade to create a strategy focused on sustainability that propels our innovation and sets forth our future direction.


No matter who the customer is, we are committed to providing them with the best possible products on the market and the highest quality installation. We are customer-oriented, performance-driven, and dedicated to offering our customers long-term renewable energy solutions that immediately reduce their energy costs.


We can identify how to go green and save money at the same time. We offer energy saving solutions like: solar, wind, energy storage, solar thermal, electric charging stations, LED lighting, and can create hybrid systems (wind, solar and storage). We offer full on-grid, off-grid systems, canopy or parking structure systems, solar tracking systems and zero energy home and business solutions. Once we determine your energy needs and goals, we will show you your energy saving options. With our non-cookie cutter approach, you are not limited to one manufacturer or brand. We will approach your renewable energy system as unique and original as your home.