Stop Wasting Energy and your Money

If your home is not energy efficient and up to date, you are wasting money every time you turn on your lights or use your inefficient appliances, and money is constantly flowing out of your home through your gaps, cracks, and single pane windows. A home energy audit by Americas Choice Contractor (ACC) will get you on the right track towards reducing your energy usage, increasing efficiency and comfort, and putting your hard-earned dollars back into your pocket instead of your local utility.

We send a technician out to your home to inspect and identify energy linked inefficiencies, heating and cooling complications, insulation levels, usage behaviors and more, all followed up with a proposed solution. Many solar installers propose solar systems without inspecting and identifying where the electrical usage is coming from. While a solar system can wipe out an electric bill, in most cases, the size of the solar system can be reduced deploying alternate home energy related improvements first. Some homes can see significant cost savings and energy reduction simply installing insulation, weatherproofing, and LED lighting. Regardless of your current setup, we are here to help and we feel that the free energy audit is the best step forward in the right direction to do so.

Americas Choice Contractor began as a solar energy contractor. As our business grew, many of our customers asked how they could maximize their investment in solar – they wanted to leverage their solar savings by installing other energy saving processes and equipment. So, we at ACC responded with the creation of a detailed home energy audit that is performed by us free to you. That’s right, there is no obligation for our energy. The survey is comprehensive and takes about one hour to do. It is interactive and our energy auditor will ask you questions about you and your family concerning energy usage, lifestyle matters, and home comfort in addition to inspecting.

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What We Commonly Inspect:

1. Utility Bill Analysis – usage pattern, sizing, estimating, and savings

     2. Temperatures – primarily used for heat gain/loss through the home

    3. Attic Inspection – inspect for air leaks, insulation grade, and moisture

      4. Roof Inspection – potential installation of solar panels and penetration

        5. Whole House Fan – check accessibility for installation and best locations

     6. Windows & Doors – single pane, age, air gaps, and overall functionality

      7. Heating & Cooling – heat/cool methods, SEER rating, ducting, mfr. year

         8. Lighting Inspection – efficiency inspection, bulb range count, mfr./usage

     9. Appliances & Equipment – inspect and identify large loads and ratings

    10. Meter & Loads – study the meter read, and work to understand usage