What is a real solar company? Real means that we know solar inside and out, from; the sale to the install to the servicing. Real solar means that we know the electrical side, the permit side, solar production, etc. Real solar means that we have in-house, experienced, expert installers backed by an extremely experienced management team who knows solar and works with solar every single day. This is our definition of a real solar company.

A lot of solar companies have employees who have no idea how this stuff works, never touched a solar panel. Those companies are sales machines and they usually last 1-2 years in this business due to poor quality of installations. Then there are solar installers who do not know business, they are usually bankrupt in a few months from cash flow issues. We have years of business experience backed by more years of extensive experience in solar!

On average we receive about  3-5 calls per week informing us that they have a solar system that is not working, and that their installer is no longer in business. We have been in business over ten years, and we have decades of combined internal experience. This means that when an issue arises we are a valuable resource for real answers. When our inside customers call us it is usually to notify us that they would like to add more panels to their homes, not the opposite.


Sometimes we find nothing wrong with a solar system such as a usage increase or misinterpretation of expectations from the original installer. Other times there is actually something wrong with a solar system.  Our service team is equipped and trained to troubleshoot and identify problems and finish these problems with solutions. See below for common issues.

Most of our service calls are one of the following; undersized system, broken panel(s), monitoring issues, dead inverters, followed by various and completely random issues (that we also resolve) such as tampering critters, loafing pigeons, fire damage, strong wind damage, and everything in between.

Regardless of the issue, again, our goal is to inspect, troubleshoot, and resolve.


Panels are very durable, and they are actually quite hard to break or damage naturally, and when installed correctly. However, a golf ball can actually damage a panel, as well as baseballs, rarely hail, and many other objects traveling fast and using a glass solar panel as an immediate landing crash zone. But!, most of the time when we discover a broken panel it is usually manufacturer related where the quality control team missed a defective issue during production. Not only do we identify the broken panel(s), troubleshoot the panel(s) to confirm defective, we replace the panel(s) and deal with the manufacturer on your behalf sometimes with no out of pocket costs!


Most customers already have a monitoring system in place with their solar system, and we actually install monitoring systems for all of our new customers by default. Even if your monitoring is already in place, we have discovered that all monitoring systems are not equal such as cellular versus internet based communications or older Enphase versus new, etc. We have determined that internet based equals high user error potential. Did you relocate your router, or recently change internet providers? This happens very often, and this is a quick fix for us to resolve. If monitoring was never installed, we can quickly and easily get this setup,  and we STRONGLY recommend that you do so!


Most inverters last about ten years without issues. At year ten most inverters stop working. When we perform our initial consultation we ask how long you have had your solar system if the answer is ten years, and the system is not working anymore. Guess what? Your inverter has likely died. When the inverter is no longer working, we provide and offer the solution; new inverter time, and this is when we work with you on the best and most cost effective solution. We find the best inverter(s) for you based on past issues, future needs, cost, etc. and then we quickly get your system up and running for years to come.